Why Social Accounts Disconnect

Why Social Accounts Disconnect

Postly utilizes access tokens to link with your social accounts, provided by the social networks. When an access token expires or becomes invalid, reconnecting your social account to Postly is necessary to generate a new token.

Social networks enforce policies and security algorithms designed to safeguard user accounts and data. If a social network detects certain activities on an account, it will force the account's token to expire, leading to a disconnection from Postly.

As an external partner to social networks, Postly is bound by these security protocols, which are typically more rigorous for third-party services than for direct use of the social networks. Though disconnections may cause inconvenience, they serve as protective measures.

Regular disconnections are expected, but many can be prevented by following best practices to avoid social account disconnections.

Token Expiration Causes

Tokens may expire for various reasons:

  • Manual changes to account settings, such as password updates.
  • Social networks enforce token expiration for security reasons.
  • Tokens reaching the end of their designated lifespan.

A. Account Settings Changes Leading to Disconnection
Postly relies on the settings maintained within each social network. Alterations made on platforms like Twitter or Instagram could cause disconnections from Postly. Such changes include:

  • Changing your username or password for a social account linked to Postly. Changing your Facebook password, for example, will disconnect your Facebook account from Postly.
  • Revoking Postly’s access to your social account. Social accounts feature settings that manage app permissions. For continuous publishing through Postly, it must be authorized in these settings. Manually revoking Postly’s access results in disconnection (see Revoke Postly access to a social account).
  • Loss of Admin status or access to a Page or group by the user who added the social account to Postly leads to disconnection.

B. Security Measures Leading to Disconnection
To maintain the security of your social account, networks may disconnect from Postly upon detecting specific behaviors. These behaviors, likely to be flagged, include:

  • Utilizing alias usernames that do not seem authentic.
  • Logging in with identical credentials from multiple IP addresses, suggesting shared logins.
  • Publishing content flagged for copyright violations or inappropriate material.

C. Token Lifespans Across Social Networks
Social networks issue tokens with inherent expiration dates, limiting perpetual access to user information. Disconnections are anticipated based on each network's authentication policies.

Top Disconnection Reasons
Postly aims to specify the reason for disconnections whenever possible. Common errors received from social networks, along with preventive recommendations, include:

Facebook and Instagram Business

  • Facebook password or security alerts lead to disconnections when passwords are updated or suspicious logins are detected. To minimize this, use real names, avoid sharing login credentials, and enable login alerts.
  • Facebook access revoked occurs if Postly is removed from the authorized connections list in Facebook’s Business Integrations, disconnecting your Facebook and Instagram Business accounts from Postly.
  • Facebook security checkpoints are triggered by potential security concerns, requiring identity confirmation through security checks.
  • Facebook token expiration is caused by the token reaching its expiration date or changes in Admin status.

provided by the social networks

  • LinkedIn token expiration occurs annually or due to inactivity over 60 days, necessitating reconnection.
  • LinkedIn access is revoked when Postly is removed from LinkedIn’s Permitted Services.
  • Insufficient access for connecting a LinkedIn Page requires being a LinkedIn Super admin.
  • Restricted profile access occurs if LinkedIn imposes restrictions due to policy violations.


  • Locked or suspended Twitter accounts result from violations of Twitter’s rules or security concerns.
  • Twitter access is revoked if Postly is removed from the authorized apps list.

community guidelines violations

  • Disconnections from TikTok are less frequent but can occur due to account suspensions or community guidelines violations.

In summary, adhering to best practices and maintaining secure and compliant account behaviors can significantly reduce the frequency of disconnections from Postly.

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