Instagram captions are everything. A picture, might be great, but you know what’s even greater? An amazing caption. Whether it’s a call to action or a means to tell your followers or audience what your brand is about, you need captions.

A great Instagram caption is the boost your social media page needs and if you do a great job, you can be sure to get the engagement that can convert to sales. It can also bring you an influx of new followers that would engage with your posts and if you have a call to action, they would take action.

How do you use Instagram captions to grow your brand?

Tell a story with your cation

This doesn’t mean that we’d always want to come to Instagram and see long captions that would stress us because people do not want to read long captions all the time. Tell your brand’s story with your captions or if you have a personal page, you can throw in some storytelling there. Imagine that you run an event planning page for weddings, you can create a story of lovers, the stress they go through, and how you can make them have a stress-free honeymoon or wedding with your services.

Don’t give out everything

This goes hand-in-hand with the first post which involves telling a story with your caption. Don’t give out everything. You can stop at an interesting part and tell people to click on the link in your bio for more or wait for part 2. If your storytelling skills are fabulous enough, you can be sure that people will want to read the next part of what you’ve shared. You can also tell them that if they like the content, they can follow you for more and turn on their post-notification.

Create a brand voice

Have you figured out what your brand voice is? Can people see your copy and identify your brand with that? If you don’t have a brand voice, you might want to consider getting one. It’s not something you force or fake, it’s something that comes naturally. You need to maintain a brand voice across your social media pages and it’s important because it helps your followers and audience identify your brand even without seeing your username. They can say “Oh, that’s Postly.” It can be via the brand color, the hashtags, or even the way you write your captions.

Writing captions with a brand voice builds some sort of relationship with your audience and once you have that, you can be sure you’d get an engagement.

Make use of emojis

We are guilty of this one, but we are doing our best to be better. It doesn’t mean that when you are writing a caption, you have to make use of a lot of emojis, but it’s important that you never forget how relevant they are. It makes it look fun. Remember how you feel when someone texts you with emojis all over the place? It doesn’t make you feel good, right? So, don’t do it. Use emojis to spice things up, but not too many emojis because too much of everything is bad.

Put the hashtags in the comments section

No rule states that you need to put the hashtags in the comment section, because putting the hashtags in the captions works for some people. However, with a lot of hashtags, it becomes difficult to read the caption. So, we’d advise that if you want people to focus on your captions, use hashtags in the comment section.

Get Creative

This is a risky one because there is no guarantee that it will be good, but how will you know if you haven’t tried? Get creative, you can jump on relevant trends, can try to be more flexible in your captions, and be open to experimenting with your brand. If it doesn’t work out, you have nothing to lose except it’s an offensive post.

Don’t tag people unrelated to the post in the caption

We don’t like that especially when they don’t even concern your caption and the post. We get that you want to get visibility, but if the post is not about them, why are you tagging them? You are allowed to tag influencers if you create a post about the influencers you are tagging, but if it is not about them, why are you doing that? If you’ve been doing that, you have an opportunity to turn a new leaf now.

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