Popular social media management tools - Postly is a good Buffer alternative

Popular social media management tools - Postly is a good Buffer alternative

Finding yourself in the midst of a plethora of social media management tools to pick from is a challenging undertaking for a variety of reasons, one of which is that there are so many to choose from, and your choice will most likely determine whether your business swims or sinks. Many have made terrible choices and recovered, whereas so many others have not.

In this post, we pit Postly versus Buffer in the ultimate comparison in order to assist you in making a better decision on which social media management tool to consider and the factors to consider when trying to choose one.

Without further ado, let’s examine the key differences between these two platforms and compare their areas of strength and weakness.


There is no better place to start than by examining the pricing options provided by both Postly and Buffer. One look at the pricing of both platforms shows that both platforms have very similar tiered pricing and a free plan that boasts a similar package. The first point of difference between Postly , and Buffer is the difference in cost between their agency plans, with Buffer offering a package worth up to $120 per month while Postly offers its agency plan at a reasonable $100 per month. 

What Your Money Gets You

This is a little insight into the difference between Postly and Buffer. As disclosed earlier, there are a few similarities between both platforms, and depending on what you’re looking to achieve with your social media, Postly is equally capable of offering the same at a much lower fee.

Postly vs Buffer pricing

Social Channels

When you sign up for Postly’s agency plan, you’re allowed to connect a total of 50 social channels, after which there’s a $2/mo fee if you want to connect more social channels, whereas Buffer only allows you to connect 10 social channels, with an additional channel costing $6/mo.

Postly also has other higher plans that bill as low as $1.5/mo per social account. These plans are super affordable and offer good value for high-end Agencies and businesses.

Scheduling Posts

Both Postly and Buffer offer an unlimited amount of posts to schedule on your social channels, but where Buffer has placed a cap on the post limit (2000 per channel), Postly is 100% unlimited with no cap whatsoever. 

Social Media Channels

Postly offers its users the ability to connect and publish content on a lot of social media platforms;

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Reddit
  7. TikTok
  8. Pinterest
  9. RSS Feed
  10. Telegram
  11. Google Business Profile
  12. WordPress
  13. Blogger

AI Assistance  

Buffer provides a range of Artificial Intelligence tools to its users, most notably its social media post idea generator. Postly, on the other hand, offers a carefully selected list of AI tools all tailored towards helping business owners generate content for their social media pages, generate video ideas, find relevant and trending hashtags, and generate precise ad copies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Perhaps the key difference between the AI assistance both platforms offer lies in Postly’s AI Art. With Postly AI Art, you can generate images for all of your needs with only your prompts.


Buffer has no provision for workspaces on its platform, while Postly offers an unlimited workspace starting from its scheduler pro plan to the Agency plan. Workspaces are very important for marketing agencies or big businesses with lots of social media channels, as they allow you to create and customize a workspace to prevent a messy and cluttered workspace.

Image Editor

Postly and Buffer both provide free image editing tools. Postly combines the best of AI Art with editing tools that allow you to resize your images to fit the specified size of whatever social media platform you’re posting to, an image enhancer to turn blurry and pixelated images into high-definition images, and a background removal tool that Buffer does not have.

From a purely economical point of view, Postly is a very strong pick. Having established this, its effectiveness in giving social media managers a completely new and refreshing way of handling their socials cannot be underplayed, as this is heavily backed by positive reviews on Trustpilot and a near-perfect rating on G2.com

Postly’s Recurring post advantage:

Maximize your online impact with our industry-leading recurring post solution.

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Consistency that converts

Consistency is the key to social media success. Maintain a steady stream of fresh content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Advanced Scheduling

Plan your content calendar like a pro. Set up recurring posts for weeks, months, or even years in advance. Your social media strategy just got a whole lot smarter.

Streamlined content management

Effortlessly manage your recurring posts with an intuitive interface. No more headaches - just straightforward scheduling and organization.

 Postly’s Bulk posting advantage:

Bulk post your campaigns to drive growth.

Save time and accelerate growth! Import media links: With our Postly Cloud system, we have provided a unified hosting platform for your media content (images and videos). We have also made it easier for you to extract your image and video links and publish faster.

 The Postly Cloud advantage:

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