Essentials of Video Marketing

Essentials of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the use of video to promote your brand, product, or service, boost digital and social media engagement, educate your customers and partners, or reach your audience via a platform. With video marketing, you can tell your narrative, communicate with your audience, and do a lot more.

How to start video marketing?

Each video marketing ad should be consistent with the features of the platform. For video platforms, there are just too many to choose from. If you want to increase brand exposure, YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat are the ideal platforms for generating word-of-mouth. This is also true for a conversion goal, such as increasing the number of followers.

In addition, the video format should be appropriate for the platform. If you want to use it for the Story advertisement, the structure and timeframe should be adjusted accordingly. While Snapchat may make use of platform attributes like sponsored lenses, TikTok's content is more likely to be selected around the notion of challenge.

Pro Tip #1: Grasp the attention of the audience in the first second.

We've all heard about the studies that found that the attention span of the younger generation is around 8 seconds. However, this is true for many individuals right now. If you do not create video marketing material that has an interesting introduction, you will be passed over completely.

Pro Tip #2: we should place CTAs throughout the video.

The initial few seconds are crucial in capturing the attention of the audience, and most of them do not stay around until the very finish. The reason for placing your CTAs and campaign objectives (subscription, clicking on, etc.) in the middle of your video marketing ad is that most viewers will not watch the whole video marketing commercial.

Pro Tip #3: Mobile-focused ads

Think mobile-first, and you should examine screen widths of various devices, evaluate heat maps to understand how customers act on their devices, and consider running A/B testing for horizontal and vertical video marketing campaigns to see which one performs the best.

Pro Tip #4: Thumbnails

People will be more likely to click on your video content if the thumbnail is engaging, attention-grabbing, and relevant. A professionally edited thumbnail will help you achieve this. Uploading thumbnails based on video screenshots will not be the best fit if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Pro Tip #5: Attractive caption, the description, and content

Your message should not be conveyed via the use of an old-fashioned, confident voice-over. Captions and video descriptions, as well as the text on the thumbnail, must ensure that your message is transmitted widely. It is important to remember that these technical elements are also required for optimal SEO performance.

What is the significance of video marketing?

Including a video on the front page of a website, or including a video in a social media ad campaign rather than a static picture, can allow you to keep users' attention on the screen for a longer time. Video reviews can also benefit your consumers by providing them with more information, and if you have done so with the support of people-influencers whose opinions others deem relevant in your industry, you will get greater visibility. It's time to put your digital video marketing strategy into action in the most effective manner imaginable!

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