Best E-commerce Tools to Use in 2022

Best E-commerce Tools to Use in 2022

Using e-commerce solutions may assist you in automating and simplifying a broad variety of tasks associated with your organization. This may assist you in making better use of your time and increasing your overall efficiency. We may accomplish everything from website design to inventory management with the aid of these tools for e-commerce stores.


WooCommerce is an excellent choice for e-commerce business owners who enjoy using WordPress and are acquainted with the platform. It's a free alternative that's tricky to scale but does a good job of improving the site visitor experience. A site created on WooCommerce may need additional purchases, but it will compete with sites built on some of the more costly paid cart platforms.


Jungle Scout is one of the greatest e-commerce tools available for people looking to get their first Amazon sale off the ground. It may assist you in starting and growing your Amazon company from the ground up, from product research through product launch. Among its many applications are product research for the identification of high-demand items, keyword research for the optimization of product listings, and an analytics tool for tracking daily sales, revenue, and other vital company data.


Veeqo is an inventory management tool that assists small companies that sell their products via several channels in staying on top of orders and preventing overselling. The Veeqo platform has several plugins that allow you to gather inventory from all of your channels in real time and update all of your shops when a sale is made.


SEMrush is a marketing analytics tool that allows you to keep tabs on your competitors online. It may assist you in outranking your rivals in search results, and it gives a simple tool for consumers to monitor their competitors' social media accounts, brands, and other online properties.


Zendesk is by far one of the most widely used customer service solutions available today. That's because Zendesk is the only one that focuses on generating the greatest possible customer experience on your website while also recording those experiences via an exceedingly user-friendly interface. When used with a dedicated customer support staff, Zendesk may provide your firm with a significant competitive advantage.


It is an online statistics and visitor tracking tool that helps marketers, product managers, and user experience designers understand how their websites are being used—and how they can make them even better. Each session recording contains information on the user's browsing and navigation activities, such as the sites viewed, the clicks, taps, and mouse movements. You may measure how your visitors interact with your website or landing page by tracking the number of ad clicks they make.


For growing your email list and executing coordinated marketing efforts, MailChimp is an excellent tool to have on hand. The flexibility of MailChimp to automate a large number of your marketing operations makes it so effective. It also aids in the tracking of abandoned shopping carts and the automated sending of customer follow-ups in order to increase conversions.


Besides profile monitoring, key performance indicators, competition information, and automatic reports, SocialBakers is a collection of analytics tools that provide all the important resources you'll need.

Other tools Socialbakers provide include publishing and enhancing content, detecting influencers, and providing customer care for social media. You may use the information in this area to establish the attitudes of your target audiences about your campaigns based on their responses and interactions.


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