Best Ad Copywriting Practices to Get More Clicks

Best Ad Copywriting Practices to Get More Clicks

It is not always simple to convince someone to click on a paid advertisement, whether it be on Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other paid marketing channel. It is important to keep in mind that generating a set of paid advertisements is not at all a "set it and forget it" type of thing. Your advertisements need to be regularly monitored and improved upon, so that you can determine what is successful and what aspects of them may be enhanced by, for instance, changing the language or adding a local phone number.

So, in this piece, we will discuss best practices and tools for copywriting that can be used when designing paid media ads to attract the attention of your audience and encourage them to click on the content of your ads.

1.     Have A Single, Compelling Offer:

The effectiveness of your calls to action has a direct bearing on the number of conversions you achieve. On the other hand, the call to action is often seen as an afterthought by many B2B marketers. They may spend hours, or even days, crafting a piece of content, just to spend a few minutes writing its call to action after the process.

The advertisements that performed the worst in the analysis contain unclear calls to action. Many included an excessive amount of information while failing to connect the duties of the audience members to the rewards of clicking.


The ads that performed the best explained to the reader exactly what they would receive when they clicked the link. They contained a significant guarantee that was connected to a problem that the readers of the newspaper were extremely motivated to solve. So, the lesson to learn here: before you write an ad copy and develop an advertisement for it, you need first to gain an understanding of the issues and aspirations of your audience.

2.     Investigate The Practices Of Your Competitors And Try Out Some New Headlines:

If all you do is imitate what your rivals are doing, you will be drowned out by the crowd of search engine results. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition, which means you need a compelling copy.

Your ad campaign will become more relevant to a greater number of search queries if you make use of the dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) method that is offered by Google Ads in your headline.

However, it is more crucial to make sure that both your advertising strategy and your material are captivating and distinctive. As an intriguing marketing approach, you could put your value proposition in the title. This will help your headline stand out from the competition.

For adopting a creative strategy, if you find you are running out of fuel, you should fall back on the evergreen copywriting base, which is to focus on the benefits that your product provides for the customer.

3.     It Is Essential to Include CTA:

Your landing page call to action (CTA) should be exactly what it is in the advertisement; you should construct a cohesive ladder towards one line of action. On top of that, you may also try:

First-person language usually works best. Get more conversions by using the phrase Get MY free quote rather than Get YOUR free quote. Utilize the information that encourages the reader to take some sort of action, such as ‘purchase now, get a free quote, or add to cart’. Reduce the number of words you use and be more specific. Make sure that your customers are comfortable. Include the phrases ‘no software to install’ and ‘no credit card required’ to alleviate the concerns that are typically held by customers.

4.     Engage Your Audience by Posing Questions and Tapping into Their Emotions:

Questions are a powerful tool that may halt the user in their tracks and get them thinking.

For instance, a person who is experiencing low website conversions is likely to stop scrolling through the search engines or social network sites when they see an ad explicitly asking for the ‘are your visitors not converting?’ that shows up in an Ad.

Making an emotional connection with your customers will help them like you more. Imagine yourself in their position and think about the concerns, complaints, and reasons that drive them. You might also position your wares as a remedy to the issues that they are experiencing. Just like the below ad, it is appealing to the sense of protection of self-interest.


5.     Creating A Sense of Urgency:

Develop a sense of imminence by using time references in your advertisement and expiration dates, if necessary, for time-based offers. This is one technique to motivate people to take action. Words such as "today," "this week," or "ends Sunday" can all pique the curiosity and intrigue of consumers, which in turn motivates them to take action because the offer is time-limited.

6.     Get Assistance with Advertising Copywriting from AI Copywriters:

AI copywriting technologies are significantly faster than humans at developing rough versions of the text. Even typists who can produce 150 words per minute cannot produce seven blog introductions in less than a minute.

·        Not only can AI generate additional words, but it can also conceive of different viewpoints, so assisting in the expansion of your mental process.

·        One of the most essential is that AI can generate material at a rate that is significantly higher than that of humans. It is also able to use the material to create predictions about the wants and needs of your readers based on the information provided.

·        The artificial intelligence will search and read through all of this information, and then it will know how best to serve you as a writer; hence, you will no longer need to spend time conducting research.

·        They also aid in brainstorming and can eliminate writer's block. Copywriters and marketers can get a significant head start by using AI Writer, which is offered by

This artificial intelligence writer by provides a generator for ad copy that may be used for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn ads.

And that's not it, you can create copies for your social media marketing strategy. You can inspire by's AI writer to write post captions, video captions, meta descriptions, and meta titles. You will choose your category, tone, and describe your prospect post in a few words, and the AI writer will offer you copies with alternatives.

And in case you are stuck at the far beginning of the process and cannot find even post ideas to describe, Postly's AI writer can help you to generate post ideas too!

After you complete your ad copy, post, or content, you can plan and schedule them for auto-posting too. In this way, you can create, plan, and manage content in one spot.

7.     Maintain A Consistent Testing And Optimization Schedule For Your PPC Ads:

The greatest approach to continuously enhancing your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is to create and run your advertisements, collect data, and test fresh versions. You can test different versions of ads in a variety of methods, some of which are as follows:

·        Examine the effects of utilizing a variety of verbs and calls to action (CTAs) throughout your writing.

·        Experiment with a variety of display URLs.

·        Consider incorporating numbers or statistics in your advertisement to help it stand out more.

·        Check the length of the copy within the advertisement itself.

·        Put the various services and products that you provide through their paces.

·        Experiment with employing a variety of images throughout the advertisement.


Creating effective ads for pay-per-click (PPC) platforms takes time and practice. However, if you improve the quality of your ads (as well as your click-through rates and your Quality Scores...) more quickly and avoid the mistakes made by others, you will see a greater return on the money you spend on advertisements. This can be accomplished by following the advice and using the tools presented in the previous section.

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