All You Need to Know About Best Time To Post On Instagram For Your Business

All You Need to Know About Best Time To Post On Instagram For Your Business

It is now much more challenging for you to publish posts on Instagram that are visible to other users as a result of modifications made to Instagram's algorithm over the past several years. It provides user-generated content produced by their friends and family with top priority and reduces the likelihood that user-generated content produced by companies will be added to their queues.

Business posts with links that are likely to send customers away from the Instagram app are given even less consideration. Businesses must understand how to play the game to succeed on Instagram.

The following data on interaction is based on the supposition that your audience is in the same time zone as the account that you are posting from, so it is vital to keep that in mind before we go on to the tips. If the bulk of your audience is situated in a different time zone as a result, you might need to make some modifications. Even if it means publishing at a different time than normal, you should aim to publish your material around 12:00 p.m. local time in the time zone where the bulk of your audience is situated if, for example, you find that publishing at that time creates the greatest engagement.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

What Time Of Day Is Ideal For Instagram Photo And Video Uploads?

The data does show certain clear characteristics that could help you in steering your strategy, but the answer is not the same for each account.

The most popular material was posted between six and nine o'clock in the evening, although nights are often a pretty safe bet because engagement stays high until midnight.

The lowest engagement rate occurs between five in the morning and noon; following that, things gradually get better. The main difference between the picture and the one previously mentioned is that there is more variation if we look at the average number of engagements rather than the engagement rate.

Even if nights remain the most preferred time, the prime-time window of six to nine o'clock is much more prominent in this case. Additionally, between the hours of 5 and 8 in the morning, engagement sharply drops, and between the hours of 10 and 4 in the afternoon, engagement steadily rises.


The fundamental idea is that Instagram is more well-liked in the evening when users are either winding down from the day's activities or preparing for bed. When one considers that the majority of us work throughout the day, these findings become extremely clear.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

There isn't a single day of the week that is unequivocally bad for posting on Instagram; nevertheless, pictures from the weekend tend to get a little bit more likes and comments.

·        The conspicuous exception in this data is Sunday, with an average engagement rate of 6.47%. With 6.05% and 5.95% of the vote, Saturday and Monday are in second and third place, respectively.

·        From Tuesday to Friday, 5.6% of the group participates in the conversation on average.

·        Once more, concentrating on the overall number of interactions as opposed to the speed of those interactions gives us a little more complex understanding of the same general event.

·        With an average of 461 engagements, Wednesday stands out as the winner of the midweek competition when this calculation is made. However, Saturday and Sunday continue to be the greatest days for posting, so don't forget to plan material for the weekend!

·        Since we know you don't want to work on a Sunday evening either, a social media scheduling tool might be really helpful in this case.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

Instagram Scheduler by Postly

Brands with corporate accounts may use third-party tools like Postly to schedule posts across a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

1.      You may schedule posts with Postly for your Instagram feed, Stories, carousel, and reels.

2.      If you switch to an Instagram Business or Creator account before you start, it will just take a minute of your time and is free.

3.      Even on the busiest days of the week, Instagram users continue to connect with the platform most frequently at night.

4.      On most days, we also notice a late-night spike in contact around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. However, the average engagement rate does not reflect this, thus you should normally avoid scheduling your articles for hours after midnight.

You are fortunate to have access to Postly's Instagram scheduler, which you can use to prepare and schedule your Instagram posts, stories, and reels in advance.

After that, you can include your Instagram posts into schedules for each of your social media channels, being careful to make sure that they are in line with the rest of your social media updates and that they work well with any ongoing campaigns you may be doing.

North America – Best Time Of Day To Post On Instagram

In North America, evening and nocturnal postings continue to produce the highest levels of interaction. No matter what time of day, this is true. While posting between the hours of 5 p.m. and 12 a.m. results in the highest engagement rate, the data shows that this period also has the lowest average number of engagements.

This could be a sign that smaller accounts post more frequently at night when there are fewer overall engagements but a higher proportion of followers.

North America – Best Day of the Week To Post On Instagram

Based on the day of the week, there isn't much of a variation in the number of individuals using Instagram in North America. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, average engagements were over 400, with a distinct decline in activity during the middle of the week that peaked on Thursday at 379.5.

Here, the engagement rate serves as a proxy for the trend of higher activity on the weekends.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland – Best Time and Day to Post on Instagram

In terms of engagement rates, five o'clock in the afternoon is the best time to post on Instagram in the UK. However, engagement rates remain high until midnight.

The content that was shared at two in the morning had the most average engagements, followed by that shared at one in the afternoon.

Despite these variations, the engagement rate shows that, like everywhere else in the world, the evening is the best time for Instagram engagement in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Source: Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report

The weekend is when the engagement rate is highest in the United Kingdom and Ireland, just like it is in North America. On the other side, Wednesdays and Sundays were shown to have the largest average number of engagements.

How can you figure out when you should publish anything on Instagram?

Here is a list of inquiries you should ask yourself.

1.     What time of day are most of your followers active?

This might be significantly different from both the national and global averages. Use Instagram's built-in statistics to check it out.

2.     Where precisely is your community located?

The frequency of your posts will vary depending on how many of your followers are situated in time zones that are not the same as your own. This is just another task for Instagram's in-app analytics.

3.     Is there a day when your post info is more useful than at other times?

For instance, it would be more advantageous for a company that sells beverages to post about coffee in the morning and herbal tea in the evening.

4.     Did you test your strategy enough?

These inquiries are a great place to start, but you should evaluate the most successful blog pieces on your site to acquire insightful responses.

According to the latest Instagram statistics:

·        Companies often provide fresh information to their feeds once every day.

·        The typical number of interactions with a post from a business account is 0.96%.

·        Instagram is used by users on average for roughly 30 minutes daily.

·        With each journey to the platform, six minutes and 35 seconds pass.

·        In the US, 63 percent of users access Instagram at least once every day.

·        42% of Instagram users in the US open the app often every day.

If you want to know when to post on Instagram the most effective right now, use the following guidelines:

Look at the posts  you have with the best results:

First things first: choose whether you want to use brand awareness or increased engagement as a performance indicator. You may plan your Instagram posts in several different ways, depending on your goals.

Which of your previous postings caught readers' attention the most? When did you initially make them available online? How do these posts differ from others that have received many likes? What do the statistics show about the content that interests your audience the most?

Take into account the times that your competitors post:

Some of your competitors are probably performing the same tests and computations as you are, depending on the industry in which you operate. By keeping a watch on what's being said on social media or even by performing a comprehensive social-competitive analysis, you can keep track of what's working for others.

An important tip: a lot of businesses post around the hour mark. You can avoid the competition by submitting a few minutes before or after 00:00:00.

Commit to consistency:

To fully capitalize on all of this knowledge about your target audience, it is crucial to be meticulous in your publishing. One approach to achieve this is to consistently appear over a significant amount of time. If your audience has formed the habit of expecting to see your brand on their feed regularly, they will like your content and be more willing to interact with it.

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